Writing every day for the past three days reminded me of the piece that broke me in 2019.

I’ve always connected my feelings to my writing. I’d write my feelings rather than say them to you. Writing about it came naturally, talking didn’t. …

Book cover of An Unnecessary Woman

In an unnecessary woman, Rabih Alameddine opens the window into the life of blue-haired, 72-year old Aaliya.

She walks us through the streets of Beirut, first, from the confines of her home, introducing us to her family and the people through her solitary existence.

Aaliya, the unnecessary woman, gives a…

Football fans celebrating a win

What is the African football style?

“Football is my passion.”

“Football is my dream.”

“Football is my way out.”

“With this round leather, I can go places.”

“Football will change my life.”

Hat on the head, knee-length coat, long ankle boots, spiraling mustache, and a round leather ball. This pretty…

Image from specialtyproduce.com

I’ll start by saying; “It was a warm and windy afternoon” because all good stories about memories start that way.

This is not that kind of story. I am much better at throwing away memories than keeping them.

I’ll not feed you things I can’t remember.

It was a weekday…



6–4, 3–6, 6–3.

The final results were with a total number of 51,954 in attendance, 4-sets of tennis and a staggering $3.5million in proceeds.

If you watched or followed the Roger Federer Foundation match in Africa, these were the numbers that mattered aside from the double serve of…

Growing up in the 90s was either absolutely terrific or incredibly horrific and it mostly depends on who you are talking to and where their growing up happened. One thing that we can agree on about the 90s is the fact that it was a gift that is still giving.

Poster for the 2019 Women’s World Cup. Photo Credit: nss magazine

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.~ Bob Marley

You don’t have to be a Bob Marley or reggae fan to be familiar with this Bob Marley’s quote; you only need to be on any social media platform. Social media and reggae music aside…

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